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Overview The Mises en Pratique for the metre and the second are currently published in the BIPM website as PDF files ("Recommended values of standard frequencies"). The CCL and CCTF communities expressed the needs to have access to these data in a machine-readable format. More about this matter can be found in A.J. Lewis and al.(2022), "A digital framework for realising the SI-a proposal for the metre" , Metrologia 59 044004.
To answer to this need the BIPM Time Department started a digitalization project allowing an automatized process based on a a dedicated database and API.
In the first release of this project the data currently available in PDF files will be provided in XML format. Scope This application programming interface (API) is providing to machines the access to the list of recommended values of standard frequencies for applications including the practical realization of the definition of the metre and secondary representations of the definition of the meter and the second. Technical aspects The following API using GET method, the access to the data is using HTTP/HTTPS protocol. This can be obtained using utilities to transfer data from a server (such as cURL, wget or any programming languages supporting HTTP protocol). A dedicated shared script to be run as client has been created for a very easy access to all the available XML files. The current version is to be considered as a prototype for extensive testing and feedbacks from users are welcome. See below documentations related to each version of the API.
1.0Access here19/06/2023Stable version

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References - [1] A J Lewis et al., A digital framework for realising the SI-a proposal for the metre, 2022 Metrologia 59 (4) 044004 - [2] A J Lancaster et al., NPL MeP standard frequencies XML schema, 2022 - [3] D Hutzschenreuter et al., SmartCom Digital-SI (D-SI) XML exchange format for metrological data version 1.3.1, 2020

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