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Technical documentation

Client download

To allow an quick and easy generation of the XML documents, a small bash script client has been developped.
This script allows to automatically download all available XMLs files with results corresponding to all reference frequencies for the meter and the second for the current date.
You can download this script: Documentation + Source code (TAR and ZIP).
It has been validated under Linux. For Windows use WSL, MSYS2, etc. to emulated the Linux environment.

URL parameters for query (syntax and arguments)

The API using GET method uses URL general syntax below :|552+THz&date=2022-11-15 

Examples of requests

It is required to use utilities supporting HTTP protocol to get the data, such as cURL , wget or other programming languages such as Python, Perl,etc.

Below you can find examples of commands:

Using wget
wget -O 127I2-552THz.xml "|552+THz&date=2022-11-15"
Using cURL
curl -k --url "|552+THz&date=2022-11-15" > 127I2-552THz.xml
Using Perl
use LWP::UserAgent;
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
my $response = $ua->get("|552+THz&date=2022-11-15") ;
if ($response->is_success) { print $response->decoded_content; }
Using Python
import requests
r = requests.get("|552+THz&date=2022-11-15")


Historical changes

Version Date Feature/Change
Version 1.0 19/06/2023 Stable and open access version

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