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BIPM Time Department Data Base

BIPM Time Department API Web Service


To answer the need of providing machine readable data, the BIPM Time Department started providing access to machine readable data through automatized process.

Results are still available using FTP protocol, this remains unchanged. In addition to the historical FTP access, it is proposed an application programming interface (API) using GET method which gives access to machine readable data regarding various time scales. The method to access these data is using HTTP/HTTPS protocol: This can be done using utilities to transfer data from a server (such as cURL, wget or any programming languages supporting HTTP protocol). Data are provided in standard exchange format, such as JSON, CSV and text.

Custom requests arguments

The API using GET method uses URL general syntax below : ...
Using as many arguments as needed by your query.

Get values [Scale-local realizations of UTC]

URL to get [UTC-UTC(lab)]
URL to get [UTCr-UTC(lab)]
URL to get both [UTC-UTC(lab)] and [UTCr-UTC(lab)]

Get values [UTC-GNSS time scales]

URL to get [UTC-GPS Time]
URL to get [UTC-GLONASS Time]
URL to get both [UTC-GPS Time] and [UTC-GLONASS Time]

Note that the content of the JSON file produces is likely to evolve depending on new GNSS Time scales availability.

HTTP utilities / examples

It is required to use utilities supporting HTTP protocol to get the data, such as cURL ( , wget ( or other programming languages such as Python, Perl,…

Below you can find examples of commands:

Using wget
wget -O utc-utc_aos.json ""
Using cURL
curl -k --url "" > utc-utc_aos.json
Using Perl

use LWP::UserAgent;
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
my $response = $ua->get("") ;
if ($response->is_success) { print $response->decoded_content; }
Using Python
import requests
r = requests.get("")


version 0.1 - testing version (16/12/2021)