Since September 2016, the IERS Conventions are under the responsibility of the USNO and the Paris Observatory.
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IERS Conventions (2010)

The IERS Conventions (2010) are available as IERS Technical Note 36.

NEW September 2011: Updates to the Conventions (2010) started in May 2011 and are available in this web page. The history of updates from the Conventions (2003) to the Conventions (2010) is kept here.

You can still send us feedback on the IERS Conventions by filling the survey. A first evaluation of the replies may be found here. Comments and proposals may also be sent to the principal scientists of the IERS Convention Center, Gérard Petit and Brian Luzum.

The list below provides links to all parts of the Conventions. The same information can be found on USNO web pages. The complete set of files and associated software are available on two identical ftp sites at the BIPM and at the USNO.

A comprehensive list of all software in the Conventions (2010) web site is available here.

A page containing additional material to the Conventions is available here.

There are differences between the final version of the Conventions (2010) and the chapters in the latest update to the Conventions (2003). The list below presents only significant changes in the technical content. In addition, typos have been corrected, some words have changed, some references have been improved and the layout of the IERS Technical Notes has been adopted.

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