BIPM Time Department Data Base

In this web site, information can be found on equipment in UTC contributing laboratories
To obtain these information, go to tabs :


Laboratories info = laboratories' location and RMO
Laboratories codes = full list of participating labs and their BIPM codes
UTC/UTCr Contributors = contributing laboratories to UTC and UTCr

Participation guidelines = full documentation and guidelines for UTC and UTCr participation

Interactive plots

UTC(k) and GNSS times = Interactive plot of UTC(k) and GNSS times wrt UTC/UTCr

GNSS stations & calib = List of GNSS stations and their calibration status


Clock stats & codes = list of all clocks contributing to UTC
Obtain BIPM clock code = Tool to generate the BIPM clock code of a clock (necessary to start reporting the clock for TAI)
by laboratory = list of clocks from a given lab

On BIPM website, all products from the BIPM Time Department (such as UTC, Rapid UTC and TT(BIPM), Time link comparisons, ...) can be accessed via BIPM Time department services.