BIPM Time Department Data Base
  • Calibrations status

In this web site, information can be found on equipment in UTC contributing laboratories
To obtain these information, go to tabs :

Participation guidelines : full documentation and guidelines for UTC and UTCr participation


Laboratories info : full list of participating labs and their related information
UTC/UTCr Contributors : contributing laboratories to UTC and UTCr

GNSS equipment

Stations : list of all GNSS equipment in UTC participating laboratories
Calibrations : list of all GNSS calibrations in UTC participating laboratories


Clock stats & codes : list of all clocks contributing to UTC
Obtain BIPM clock code : Tool to generate the BIPM clock code of a clock (necessary to start reporting the clock for TAI)
by laboratory : list of clocks from a given lab

Interactive plots

UTC(k) and GNSS times : Interactive plot of UTC(k) and GNSS times wrt UTC/UTCr

All products from the BIPM Time Department (such as UTC, Rapid UTC and TT(BIPM), Time link comparisons, ...) can be accessed via BIPM Time department services.